Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of logistic equipments in China, we specialize in complete modern logistics solutions for material workshop, warehouse and supermarket etc., covering Customized products,conveying equipmentstorage equipmentWorkshop equipment, Metal container, Mesh Container, Pallet Racks, Stack Racks, Steel Dolly, Plastic and Aluminum Dolly, Miter Saw Stand, Stainless Worktable, Stainless Trolley, Steel Pallet, Stainless stand, Stamping Parts, OEM products, warehouse equipment, transport equipment, Angle-iron Multi-lay Trolley  etc.

For the continual investment and development, we have owned a complete line of advanced equipment and mature produce craft as well as a strictly system to guarantee quality. With many years accumulation of experience and knowledge, we have formed a professional team in designing and manufacturing logistic product. In additional, Standardization and seriation of basic components ensured the stable quality and prompt delivery. Most of our products are exported to USA, Japan and European Countries.

Company Name: Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. Wen Ge
Tel: +86-512-865995988
Fax: +051265901706
Office Add.: Xi Heng Gang Street 6,Yang Cheng Lake Industrial Park,Suzhou China
Zip: 215138

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